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Ampoule Based Cartridges




% 80 less gas than the competition

With Axis's match load to cartridge method you never have to worry about tanks of EtO. Axis Products offers cutting-edge technologies and expertise in sterilization with the only system that offers multiload capability.

The new diffusion chamber provides extra protection to the operator in case of accidental activation. Its robust design and polyurethane body make the EOGas cartridge one of the most reliable vehicles for releasing the ethylene oxide gas.

Operator safety is insured by the double protection of the trigger via a plastic lock and a safety seal.



Model Active Ingredent Other Ingredient Shield Net Contents
AX 11 % 96 % 4 Polyurethane 11 g to 15 g
AX 20 % 97 % 3 Polyurethane 15 g to 20 g
AX 22 % 97 % 3 Polyurethane 20 g to 22 g





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