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Cartridge Sets





  Cost Effective Kits include


EOGas 100% EO cartridges


Humidity chip relative humidity stabilizing chips

  EO Gas Dosimeters

Corresponding size Sterilization Bags


Putting what ever you wish to be sterilized into the Liner bag along with the Gas Cartridge, Humidity Chip and Dosimeter and seal on any film sealing machine. When Liner Bag put in the sterilizer and press the button on the cartridge, the sterilization is begin.

The humidty chip consist of wafer which have water and hydrophobic and water-permeable material which and function to prevent the damp inner wafer from directly contacting items to be sterilized during the gas sterilization process.

Aluminium package advantageous is prevent to dry humidity chip.

Dosimeters integrators along time, temperature and EO concentration, plus check presence of adequate water vapor levels (relative humidity) which is last parameter of ETO sterilization. If color change yellow to blue must extend at  least to the pointer, thus indicating that a dose of 750 mg/liter-hours has been received.


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