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Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

  • AX-60     • AX-135



     Cardiovascular Purpose


  • AX-160     • AX-200  

  • AX-400   • AX-1000

  • AX-2000   • AX-4000

                                                                       Industrial                                                                                                   Industrial
                                              • AX-6000                                                               • AX-9000  



High technology
Useable capacity is up to 9000 lt
100% EO
Negative pressure working system
Sterilization and Aeration in same cabinet
100% safe
Microcomputer controlled
Practical, easy use
Modular, able to add sterilization bags
Low gas consumption
Cabinet safety pressure measurement and instanteneous monitoring
Robust construction, working without risk of failure
Inox inner and outer surface
Easy installation, no drain, water or pressure air are necessary


AXIS offers a high technology gas diffusion sterilization system. Putting what ever you wish to be sterilized into the Liner bag along with the Gas Cartridge, Humidity Chip and Dosimeter and seal on any film sealing machine. When Liner Bag put in the sterilizer and press the button on the activator, the sterilization is begin. The sterilized materials are useable after sterilization and aeration period. 

This sterilizer's most superior specification is offer work without risk of failure. Because there are minumum parts in the sterilizer which necessary. It doesn't require the use of: Water, air pressure, vacuum source or drain line. Montage and carry is easy.


Although AXIS use below 1/10 gas amount to closets competitors. It work with only 5 and 11 gr of cartridges.

100%  EO

Thanks to 100% Ethylene oxide in cartridges obtain sterilization safe.



Personal safe is supply along low gas consumption, membrane structure of Liner bag is distrubute very low gas diffusion and Negative Pressuring working system.

Thanks to sterilization and aeration in same cabinet, there is no need extra aerator. So that, even liner bag is used in a room that is ventilated out of the instrument, toxical level of the gas is never occurred in the room, and the safe limits determined by OSHA is not exceeded.

  Chemical dosage indicators controls all critical sterilization parameter with humidity rate.

You can enter commands on touch screen color display which dimensions 204x150 mm, see messages and follow working steps.

Thanks to USB port, it is possible to transfer data to the computers, to follow up and control the operation through internet via modems.

With respect of Sterilization, date, time, function, documentation, etc. are print out via mini printer.
Thanks to long catheter Liner Bags, it is possible to sterilize catheters up to 220 cm in straight position.



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