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EO Cartridge Storage Container


 100% Leakproff

          AXIS Ethylene Oxide containers are manufactured to be stored all types of ethylene oxide cartridge in safe. 100% liquid and gas tight structure.

Manufactured from Anodized Aluminum which do not react with ethylene oxide. It is resistant to heat.
In order to prevent leakage of ethylene oxide body and cover portions of containers are manufactured separate and without welding. Filter etc. are not available.
Head gasket is manufactured from special silicone-based material which is suitable for ethylene oxide.Safely protects EtO gas cartridges.
Cover has lock mechanism which provides pressured compression to the body to prevent any leakage.Locking mechanism of the cover Part and other components are made of electro-polishing process applied stainless steel. Locking mechanism, works as a door handle, is in a folder type allows cover closure and removal in a prompt and secure manner.
It is resistant to fire and pressure
It is resistant to the effect of chemical solution and can be washed in a appliance washer.
There are sections on the container interchangeable labels and the labels can be located.
The container has cover system which will interfere factors causing by powder, liquid, light, heat, air inlet-outlet and so on contaminations.
Containers are produced in 465x280x260 mm,580x280x260 mm ,465x280x490 mm and 580x280x490 mm sizes, 2 mm thick.



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