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   Steril-Jet Containers  







          • Small  

    465x280x260 mm

       • Standard 

     580x280x260 mm

              • Mini  

         465x280x490 mm

              • Large 

          580x280x490 mm



      The new Axis Automatic Cartridge Activator system now incorporates a fully automatic system for the activation of the AXIS gas cartridges currently used with the gas diffusion system.

      The new system has eliminated the need for:

            *  Liner Bags

T          *  The manual activation of the cartridge

·           *  16 hour cycle length

      This revolutionary system is simple to use, fast, safe and effective. The AXIS cartridge is placed in the activator port in the surgical container together with the items to be sterilized. A humidity chip is then added into a self-contained holder along with the dosimeter. These items are essential parts of the sterilization process and act as proof of the cycle parametric measurement of gas concentration and correct temperature and humidity in accordance with ISO EN11135-1. The indicators can be monitored instantly via the transparent window installed in the container.


      The system provides fast and safe sterilization process by the help of ETO which also proving it’s effectiveness of day by day and is a growing popular alternative to radiation and plasma.






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