• The protective mask is the efficient yet low-cost full-face breathing mask intended for price-conscious users not wishing to compromise on comfort or quality. This full face mask is the successor to the Panorama Nova Standard, a mask which has proven itself over decades of use worldwide – redesigned and improved with fresh colors and an integrated barcode. It is designed for use by professionals in the industry
    and meets the highest demands for reliability, fit and comfort. One size fits all, simplifying logistics and stocking.  The comfortable 5-point harness does not only ensure simple and quick fitting but due to the wide straps, it also prevents pressure points on the head.
  • Together with the respiratory filters from the mask’s comprehensive X-plore AXP3 filter range, it has proven suitable for a wide range of different applications. The mask body, which is made of robust and hypoallergenic EPDM, features a double-layer face seal with triple sealing action for a secure and comfortable fit on just about any shape of the face. The comfortable five-point head harness not only ensures that the mask can be donned easily and quickly, but is wide enough to prevent any pressure points on wearer’s head. The scratch-proof and distortion-free PMMA Plexiglas visor with 180° wide-angle guarantees a large field of vision with a panoramic view. The robust frame is made of extra-light plastic, and the intelligent ventilation system ensures that the visor remains fog-free.