• High technology
  • Useable capacity is up to 15000 liter
  • 100% EO
  • Negative pressure working system
  • Sterilization and Aeration in the same cabinet
  • 100% safe
  • Microcomputer controlled
  • Practical, easy use
  • Modular, able to add sterilization bags
  • Low gas consumption
  • Cabinet safety pressure measurement and instantaneous monitoring
  • Robust construction, working without risk of failure
  • Inox inner and an outer surface
  • Easy installation, no drain, water or pressure air are necessary
AX 6O60 LT35 cm35 cm49 cm37 cm41 cm61 cm
AX 135135 LT35 cm35 cm110 cm37 cm41 cm122 cm
AX 160160 LT53 cm68 cm48 cm60 cm84 cm60 cm
AX 200200 LT62 cm55 cm60 cm70 cm84 cm69 cm
AX 225250 LT76 cm55 cm60 cm85 cm84 cm69 cm
AX 400400 LT62 cm111 cm60 cm69 cm141 cm70 cm
AX 450500 LT76 cm111 cm60 cm85 cm141 cm70 cm
AX 10001000 LT83 cm177 cm70 cm90 cm207 cm81 cm
AX 20002000 LT173 cm177 cm70 cm181 cm207 cm83 cm
AX 40004000 LT173 cm177 cm136 cm181 cm207 cm149 cm
AX 60006000 LT248 cm177 cm136 cm256 cm207 cm149 cm
AX 90009000 LT374 cm177 cm136 cm382 cm207 cm149 cm
AX 1500015000 LT623 cm177 cm136 cm650 cm220 cm160 cm

AXIS offers a high technology gas diffusion sterilization system. Putting whatever you wish to be sterilized into the Liner bag along with the Gas Cartridge, Humidity Chip, and Dosimeter and seal on any film sealing machine. When Liner Bag put in the sterilizer and press the button on the activator, the sterilization is begun. The sterilized materials are useable after sterilization and aeration period.

This sterilizer’s most superior specification is to offer work without risk of failure. Because there are minimum parts in the sterilizer which necessary. It doesn’t require the use of water, air pressure, vacuum source or drain line. Montage and carry are easy.

Although AXIS use below 1/10 gas amount to closets competitors. It works with only 5 and 11 gr of cartridges.

With respect to Sterilization, date, time, function, documentation, etc. are print out via the mini printer.

Thanks to long catheter Liner Bags, it is possible to sterilize catheters up to 220 cm in a straight position.