Axis Industrial Type of Ethylene Oxide Scrubber Systems has high scrubbing efficiency along with low power and acid consumption. Ethylene oxide actively absorbed in the scrubber which converts ethylene-oxide into ethylene glycols which use in the automotive industry as anti-freeze.

EO scrubber system is composed by EO gas-water separator, level one acid washing tower, second level acid washing tower, third level acid washing tower, gas filter unit, alkali neutralization tank, acid liquid match tank, etc. The system allocated kinds of functions anti-acid (anti-alkali) pump, valve, tube, fan, air channel, and controller system. To finish the acid liquid spraying and washing, acid-alkali neutralization, exhausted gas emission, solution transfer functions. This system is a linkage with the EO Sterilizer washing process. That is when the gas exposure stage is finished, the sterilizer is in the washing process, the sterilizer must send a single(standard single, such as switch single, coded single, etc), the residual gas treatment will start after received this single.

The whole residual gas treatment system is automatically controlled by PLC and dynamically display on the touchscreen.

It has 3 models based on different processing capacity and purifying rate, the details as below,

Model NoProcessing capacity (Per Day)Purifying rate (%)
Level I20kg EO gas%90
Level II40kg EO gas%96
Level III60kg EO gas%99,9