Paper Type

Product Code: AXCP120

Double spot indicator locked in metal holder covering spot-1 and open for spot-2;

Spot 1 water stream is hit indirectly, while Spot 2 is directly hit.

The way of set-up is very easy as putting one or several indicators on each metal basket in washer disinfector.
Washer Disinfection Monitoring System;

  • Cost-effective
  • A simple method for monitor washer effectiveness
  • Easy to record
  • Possible to quantitatively measure washer effectiveness using the color difference meter.
  • Indicator insertion is easy just insert the indicator into the holder (indicator will not be displaced by water flow).
  • Estimates for both exposed and unexposed areas on glassware, instruments, etc. taken simultaneously
  • Indicator holder made of stainless steel (reusable).

Metal Type

Product Code: AXCP123

Product Code: AXCP124

Washer and Ultrasonic device is designed to monitor efficiency.

Window Type

Product Code: AXCP125

Axis Cleaning Efficiency Indicator enables you to verify the cleaning efficacy of washer-disinfectors during routine operation check. The routine use of this test will help ensure that your washer is performing at a consistent level, enhancing the routine visual inspection of instruments.

If unfavorable results do occur, the users must check the quantity of detergent, cleaning time, temperature as well as general condition of the washer.

  • Ready-to-use (single use product)
  • The test provides efficient and reliable results
  • Transparent cover to enable visual check

Ultrasonic Washing Test

Product Code: AXCP122

Axis Ultrasonic Cleaning Test is designed for routine control and monitoring ultrasonic cavitation effectiveness of ultrasonic washing machines operating at frequencies equal or greater than 35 kHz, at temperatures ranging from 18°C to 70°C. When the cavitation energy is adequate, a vibration of the glass pearls triggers a color change in the solution, from green to yellow.

  • Does not require a special holder to be used
  • Ultrasonic washers should be checked daily and weekly than results should be recorded
  • The color change from green to yellow is a positive result and this indicates the presence of cavitation energy suitable for washing.

Protein Residue Test Kit

Product Code: AXCP121

Axis Protein Residue Test Kit is a chemical test used to detect levels of protein on a processed load that cannot be seen by visual inspection. Axis Protein Residue Test Kit can detect residual proteins left on the surfaces of hard to clean dental and surgical instruments. For use with washer disinfectors, ultrasonic baths, and manual cleaning.

  • The kit contains disposable 24 cotton swab and 24 test tube
  • 1 microgram accuracy in 10 seconds
  • No incubation required
  • From transparent light brown to purple color change