Sterilizing Gas Ampoules

ModelActive IngredientShieldNet Contents
AQ 5%100Nylon5 g
AQ 11%100Nylon11 g
AQ 15%100Nylon15 g
AQ 20%100Nylon20 g
AQ 22%100Nylon22 g
AQ 24%100Nylon24 g
AQ 30%100Nylon30 g

Ampoule Based Cartridges

% 80 less gas than the competition
With Axis’s match load to cartridge method, you never have to worry about tanks of EtO. Axis Products offers cutting-edge technologies and expertise in sterilization with the only system that offers multi-load capability.

The new diffusion chamber provides extra protection to the operator in case of accidental activation. Its robust design and polyurethane body make the EO Gas cartridge one of the most reliable tools for releasing the ethylene oxide gas.

Operator safety is ensured by the double protection of the trigger via a plastic lock and a safety seal.

ModelActive IngredentShieldNet Contents
AX 5%100Polyurethane5 g
AX 11%100Polyurethane11 g
AX 15%100Polyurethane15 g
AX 20%100Polyurethane20 g
AX 22%100Polyurethane22 g
AX 24%100Polyurethane24 g

Cartridge Sets

Putting whatever you wish to be sterilized into the Liner bag along with the Gas Cartridge, Humidity Chip, and Dosimeter and seal on any film sealing machine. When Liner Bag put in the sterilizer, press the button on the cartridge and the sterilization will begin.

The humidity chip consists of a wafer which has water and hydrophobic and water-permeable material which and function to prevent the damp inner wafer from directly contacting items to be sterilized during the gas sterilization process.

Aluminium package advantageous is prevent to dry humidity chip.

Dosimeters integrators alongs with time, temperature and EO concentration, plus checks the presence of adequate water vapor levels (relative humidity) which is last parameter of ETO sterilization. If color change yellow to blue must extend at least to the  pointer, thus indicating that a dose of 750 mg/liter-hours has been received.

ModelCartridgeLiner BagHumidity ChipDosimeter
AR 11AX 1122'' x 36''++
AR 15AX 1522'' x 36''++
AR 20AX 2022'' x 36''++
AR 22AX 2222'' x 36''++
AR 24AX 2422'' x 36''++
ARQ 5AQ 518'' x 24''+-
ARQ 11AQ 1122'' x 36''+-
ARQ 15AQ 1522'' x 36''+-
ARQ 20AQ 2022'' x 36''+-
ARQ 22AQ 2222'' x 36''+-
ARQ 24AQ 2422'' x 36''+-

Aluminium Cartridges

Axis provides Ethylene Oxide in aluminum cartridges with controlled quantities and packed under strict safety regulation that meet the requirements of the variety of existing equipment. Ethylene oxide of high pureness. Single-use cartridges. High effectiveness as a bactericide, fungicide, and antivirus. Compatible with any sterilizer in the market.

DiameterHeightNet Content
AL-725 mm85 mm10 g
AL-2525 mm105 mm30 g
AL-6735 mm105 mm67 g
AL-10035 mm165 mm100 g
AX-6738 mm105 mm67 g
AX-10038 mm165 mm100 g
AX-12738 mm165 mm127 g
AX-13438 mm165 mm134 g
AQ-7045 mm178 mm170 g
AQ-12050 mm133 mm120 g
AQ-13050 mm133 mm130 g
AQ-17045 mm180 mm170 g
AQ-20050 mm174 mm200 g
AQ-23050 mm174 mm230 g