AXIS Incubators are specially designed for use with Verify Self Contained Biological Indicators (SCBls). The incubators are available in single or dual temperatures for steam and Ethylene Oxide (EO) sterilization process. For steam, the incubators aperture at 60°C, For Ethylene Oxide, they operate 37°C. Available for either 120 or 220 V electric supply.

  • 34 positions for conventional and rapid readout colorimetric self-contained biological indicators
  • 4 positions for self-contained ampoules, culture media and protein detection pen.
  • A special hole for the external thermometer.
  • An ampoule crusher for BI’s.


AXIS Rapid Incubators are specially designed to use with Rapid Readout Biological Indicators.

  • For Steam, Plasma & Formaldehyde; operate at 60°C,
    For EO, Dry & Moist Heat; operate at 37°C.
  • 7″ LCD Touchscreen and simultaneously BI incubation


Biological indicators, rapid biological indicators, chemical indicators, autoclave tapes, Bowie-Dick Test packs, biological indicator test packs, wrap papers, sealing machines, sterilization rolls.

  • Chemical Indicators
  • Bowie-Dick Test Packs
  • Autoclave Tapes
  • Load Control Stickers
  • Wrap Papers


  • Advanced integrator technology that is easy to read and use
  • Convenient size fits in all packs
  • For use in all standard Steam & Ethylene Oxide sterilization cycles
  • Safe and compatible with all pack
  • Conforms with ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11140-1:2005 and EN ISO 11140-1:2005
  • Moving front ink technology provides easy to read ‘Accept or Reject’ result
  • Attached extender enables easy retrieval from inner pack
  • The contents of each pack must be exposed to several critical parameters of the sterilization process.


  • Axis autoclave tapes are a safe solution for closing all wrapping materials.
  • This chemical indicator tape has stripes that change color after exposure to steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilizations conditions to provide immediate identification of processed items.
  • The process indicator ink shows an easy and accurate color change and indicates if the pack is been processed. The easy-thread color change quickly identifies processed packs from unprocessed packs.
  • Steam and Ethylene Oxide tapes process indicators turn to darker color when exposed to proper steam and Ethylene Oxide sterilization conditions.
  • It is important to note that the presence of autoclave tape that has changed color on an item does not ensure that the product is sterile, as the tape will change color upon exposure only.

The unique combination of Bowie&Dick indicator technology and a precisely calibrated barrier system will help you to test not just the mechanical function of your autoclave but also the quality of the steam supply including;

  • Air removal
  • Steam Penetration
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Non-condensable gases
  • Superheated steam
  • Wet steam

Documentation Labels

  • Bundle has been designed to control exposure.
  • One roll of 600 pcs is released as.
  • Plasma roll has 400 pcs